Traffic Planning Division

  • Traffic safety reports and other related business
  • Comprehensive traffic planning
  • Collecting and analyzing communication and transportation data
  • Examining traffic maintenance programs for major construction works and festivals.

Transportation Division

  • Setting up and maintaining road signs, lines, and signals in the city.
  • Setting up and improving traffic safety facilities on the city roads.
  • Implementing the traffic safety improvement program proposed by the Executive Yuan.
  • Building temporary off-street parking lots

Tourism Administration Division

  • Tourism promotion administration
  • Application, assistance and management regarding the establishment of hotels, motels, and private lodging.
  • Guidance and assistance concerning private tourism investment
  • Management and maintenance of sight-seeing spots
  • Establishment of scenic resorts and amusement areas
  • Obtainment of lands reserved for tourism industries
  • Management of projects and disputable cases

Tourism Facilities Division

  • Planning, designing, surveying, building, supervising and implementing public facilities projects in tourist areas.
  • Planning, designing, surveying, building, supervising and implementing urgent repair projects regarding major public facilities damaged by natural disasters in tourist areas.
  • The tender, contract, checking, and calculating regarding public facilities projects in tourist areas
  • Statistics and progress reports regarding public facilities projects in the tourist areas
  • Checking and keeping groundbreaking reports
  • Approving the extension and suspension of construction projects
  • Checking project-related cases during the construction period
  • Approving design changes of public design projects in tourist area

Tourism Promotion Division

  • Planning and implementing campaigns
  • Planning and fabricating promotional booklets
  • Travel Fairs
  • Business regarding travel services, such as the management and maintenance of travel service centers and other related administrative business
  • Setting up and maintaining tourist information websites
  • Training people needed in the tourism industry
  • Surveying and analyzing tourist resources
  • Planning tourism products, such as package tours
  • Surveying and analyzing tourist opinions